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Welcome to the ONE Citizens Portal for Wirral Council

To use this site you will need to register. Please note that by registering, you are providing consent for your information to be used by Wirral Council for purposes covered by legislation and to ensure that your child/children are receiving the services they are entitled to.

You can then create, submit and view applications for supported child related services.

The Portal is open for new applications to start primary school in September 2020. The deadline for applying for secondary school in September 2020 has now closed and applicants must complete a late application on a paper form. These forms are available to download or on request from any One Stop Shop, or by calling 0151 606 2020 during office hours.

Before applying for school places, you are advised to read the relevant information booklet for parents, which is available online.

Common support issues
Below are the answers to some common enquiries which may help.

Password reset emails - If you have not received your password reset email within 20 minutes, please check your junk or spam folders. Otherwise, you may not be registered. Try and register as a new account - if you are already registered, the system will tell you.

Getting the message "System Unavailable"? This actually means that you've used the wrong email address, so please try again. There is a known issue with some devices (e.g. Samsung) where auto-complete adds an extra space to the end of the email address. Please try entering the email address with and without the extra space.

Password rules - make sure your password has at least 10 characters including at least 1 UPPER case letter, two numbers, and a "special character" such as an exclamation mark - ! - Some special characters are not allowed, including £, # and %

Can't find the school you want to apply for? - Take out anything you've typed into the "postcode" box and then start typing the school name into the search box.

Says registration was not successful as "Postcode is required" - search using your postcode, select the full address from the drop down list, then click on the address once more to finally confirm. On some mobile devices, the drop down arrow goes off to the right hand side of the screen - try rotating your display to landscape if you can't see the arrow.

Otherwise, if you are unable to reset your password, cannot remember your email address or have another technical issue, please send an email to giving as much detail as possible about your problem, including your child's name and date of birth. Password resets or email change requests cannot be made over the phone.